Project partner of the House of Resources Thüringen in Sömmerda is the ASB Kreisverband Sömmerda e. V.

The ASB Kreisverband Sömmerda e. V. has been established as an important social association in the district of Sömmerda since 1990. In 2013, the LOCODEMU (los colores del mundo – the colours of the world) was created as a partnership project between the ASB and the Protestant church community as a fair trade café and meeting place.

From 2016 to the beginning of 2020, the LOCODEMU project was home to the local volunteer coordination office for refugee aid. Although the project position has expired, the volunteer structures will continue. In addition, the project “weltoffen – solidarisch – dialogisch” (funded by Engagement Global on behalf of the BMZ) has been based at the Weltladen since 2019. The funding aims to enable, among others, initiatives, migrant organisations and volunteers in eastern Germany to participate in a sustainable and tolerant society.

The main focus of ASB Kreisverband Sömmerda e. V. is on further qualification, consulation and access to infrastructure.

What resources are available at Sömmerda, you can find on this page.

Contact Person:
Agatha Cherop-Blankenburg (ASB Kreisverband Sömmerda e.V.)
E-Mail: a.blankenburg@asb-soemmerda.de