In Ilmenau, the “House of Resources Thüringen” is located at jipi gUG, short for Jugendintegrationsprojekte Ilmenau. The jipi gUG is a subsidiary of the Kreisjugendring Ilm-Kreis e. V. and carries out various projects in the field of integration and migration.

For example:

  • House of Resources (HoR) Thüringen
  • Project „wo:ilmenau – refugees welcome in Ilmenau“ / Refugee Network Ilmenau
  • Open children’s and youth club

Jipi gUG is responsible for administration and project coordination of House of Resources thüringen. The other focal points are: Empowerment & further qualification, infrastructure, project funding and networking.

ou can find out which resources you can use at the Ilmenau site on this page.

Contact persons:
Lisa Schäder (jipi gUG)
Telefon: 01590 677 6464

Jörg Neuberg (jipi gUG)
Telefon: 01590 6776465