Rental of equipment & rooms

Are you looking for premises/rooms for your event? You need help in getting technical equipment or you are still missing a flipchart and a moderation kit for the next workshop?

As “House of Resources Thüringen” we want to facilitate access to important infrastructure for project and association work at our project locations. In our rental pool you can borrow different equipment. There you will also find an overview of the premises/rooms that we can offer or arrange for you on site.

An overview of our equipment and rooms to rent at the locations can be found here:


(Technical) EquipmentBorrowableNumber
Speaker, bigyes2
Mobile speaker, smallyes1
Wireless microphoneyes2
Mixing deskyes1
Projection screenyes1
Sports equipment (Volleyball, Football)by arrangement
Photo and video camerayes1
Room for events (via Landessportbund)
Room for events (via Offene Arbeit Erfurt)app. 70 P.
Room for events (über ZIM Erfurt)> 80 P.
Sports hall (via MOVE e.V.)
Use of sports field (via MOVE e.V.)


(Technical) EquipmentBorrowableNumber
Game material/toys for children (via Kreisjugendring Ilm-Kreis)yes
Benches/tables for events (via Kreisjugendring Ilm-Kreis)no
Moderation kityes1
presentation wallno2
Flipchart yes2
Projection Screenno2
Microphones & recording equipment (via hsf/FEM)yes
Camera and film equipment (via iStuff/FEM)yes
Bike repair tools (via Selbsthilfewerkstatt “Wunderrad”)no
Cargo trailer with bike (via Kreisjugendring llm-Kreis)yes1
Cargo bikeyes1
Tablet yes 1
Laptop yes 2
Conference Speaker yes 1
Bluetooth-Speaker yes 1
Photo and Vidoe Camera Canon M50 Mark II yes 1
Pavilion (3x3m, foldable)yes2
Room for events + small meeting room (Community Centre at Wetzlarer Platz 1)
Hall with stage, seminar rooms, open area, overnight accommodation (via Schülerfreizeitzentrum Ilmenau)
Support in booking premises of the TU Ilmenau
Contacts with the Kultur- und Begegnungszentrum Ilmenau e. V. and arrangement of shared use of premises.


(Technical) EquipmentBorrowableNumber
Projector yes 2
Projection screen (permanently installed)no1
Flipchart yes 2
Presentation wall yes 1
Moderation kit yes 1
Mobile speaker with microphoneyes1
Catering on request
Seminar room of the WeltladenCafé
event area of WeltladenCafé


(Technical) EquipmentBorrowableNumber
Projector yes 2
Projection screen yes 1
Speaker yes 2
Mixing desk yes 2
Photo and video camera yes 2
Bechnes/tables for events yes 40
Tent for events yes 4
Mobile soccer field yes 1
Bouncy castle yes 2
“Goulash cannon” yes 1
Play truck (with games/toys for children) yes 1
Bus (9 seats) yes 5
Seminar room with video conferencing system
Locodemu Weltladen as event area
ASB Family Centre Sömmerda
2x public baths in Kölleda und Buttstädt
Funkenburg Greußen als event and education location
Community housing in Sömmerda und Kölleda